The Primo Open Discovery Challenge: Announcing the Winners!

Last week at the IGeLU conference, which took place in beautiful Saint Petersburg, we announced the winners of the Primo Open Discovery Challenge. Thank you again to all the Primo customers who shared their Primo customization projects with the entire Primo community!

Without further ado… here are the Winners!

First prize: Lewis & Clark College

Watzek Library Primo Custom LinksProject: Primo Custom Actions

Project lead: Nick Budak
GitHub link:
Library discovery interface:

Custom links can be added to the Actions menu visible in Primo brief results and full display. Links can be dynamically formed using template variables, and can extract properties of the item’s PNX record and apply them to the link URL.

Second prize: St. Olaf College

St. Olaf BrowzineProject: BrowZine Integration

Project lead: Sarah Johnston
GitHub link:
Library discovery interface:

Use the BrowZine API to generate links to journal issue contents, for both journal and article records.

Third prize: OBVSG consortia

OBVSGProject: OBV Central Package

Project lead: Ulrich Leodolter
GitHub link:
Demo interface:

Use Primo consortia capabilities to manage the look & feel of the new UI based on consortial guidelines.


To learn more about the Open Discovery Framework, take a look at these resources:

We would like to thank the Primo Working Group once again for its ongoing partnership and contribution to the creation of this new approach and for their help in extending this approach to the entire Primo community.

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