Streamlined Integration: Alma and OASIS

Yoel Kortick, Senior Librarian, Resource Management, Ex Libris

As the world of knowledge becomes more complex, libraries need to connect with a wider ecosystem than ever before. The development of a new integration between Alma and OASIS promises to further streamline libraries’ connection with the environment.

One of the hallmarks of Alma is its ability to easily integrate with other systems.  While this is often done through the use of APIs, from the perspective of the end user there is a seamless flow between Alma and other systems.

As a result of cooperative efforts between both Alma and ProQuest product management teams, it is now possible to create orders in Alma via the ProQuest OASIS interface. This recent integration is yet another example of the strong collaboration between Ex Libris and ProQuest.  The Alma OASIS Integration is provided to libraries at no additional cost.

OASIS is ProQuest’s free web-based system for searching, selecting, and ordering print and electronic books for academic libraries. After setting up a profile in OASIS, any Alma institution can search the OASIS interface. The order is then processed in OASIS and afterwards created in Alma, with full bibliographic and order information originating in OASIS.

Using the OASIS interface provides the end user with:

  • Faster, real-time insertion of order data into Alma
  • A streamlined and efficient ordering methodology
  • A significant time-saving process
  • Data accuracy through prevention of redundancy in the two different systems.

Want to learn more? See a short demo below.

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