Even Sharks Use Alma Mobile!

Tony Wai, Discovery Services & Systems Librarian at Macquarie University has been kind enough to allow us to publish his very creative submission for the Alma mobile competition. (Winners were announced last week.)

For his submission, Tony wrote a personal letter to Alma Mobile:

Dear Alma Mobile App,

Welcome to the world! Uncle Macquarie has certainly had a lot of fun watching you grow over the last couple of months. I am sure Auntie Mines and Uncle Sheffield are proud too.

To document your amazing journey, I have decided to capture it in photos (a.k.a. my submissions) from the day you were born, showing all the places that we have been so far.

The Journey 


The Barcodenator” –  just a bit of how I felt back in 2016 when you were born.

Shark in the ARC

Alma Shark in the ARC    Alma Shark in the ARC 2

This is where it all started, inside Macquarie University Library’s Automatic Retrieval Collection (ARC). As the first university library in Australia to install an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), I thought it would be a history-making moment to take you here first! As for the “Shark”… it just rhymes (Shark and ARC).

Since you are such an adorable, well, “thing,” I have decided to take you over the mountain and over the sea to visit some of the best places in Australia. I am sure you have already seen the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge…but what about these hidden gems?

Shark at Palm Beach

Alma Shark at Palm Beach 1  Alma Shark at Palm Beach 2
Palm Beach is located in the northern beachside suburbs of Sydney, NSW, Australia. This beach is also named “Summer Bay” in the famous Australian TV soap opera “Home and Away,” which has had over 29 seasons and 6580 episodes — the first season was filmed in 1988. Ask any Aussies and they will definitely be able to tell you the whole story plot!

Shark at Mt. Kosciuszko

Alma Shark at Mt. Kosciuszko 1  Alma Shark at Mt. Kosciuszko 2
Mt. Kosciuszko is located in the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, Australia. At a height of 2228 m (7,310 ft), it is the highest mountain in mainland Australia. It took me 5 hours, 17.5 kilometers,  25000 steps, 307 climbed floors, and 2000 burnt calories to get you there. Knowing that you enjoyed the long hike (and surprisingly were still functional at the peak), I think it was worth the effort!
And lastly, some more bonding time between us.

Shark at Jindabyne

Alma Shark at Jindabyne 1  Alma Shark at Jindabyne 2
Jindabyne is a small town with a population of less than 2000 located at the foot of the Snowy Mountains. It sits right next to beautiful Lake Jindabyne, a perfect place to enjoy an ice cold beer in the Australian summer heat and watch the sun slowly set behind the mountain.

So, here we are. What an amazing journey! I’m looking forward to many more years to come.

Tony Wai
Discovery Services & Systems Librarian
Library  |  Macquarie University

We want to thank Tony (a.k.a. “The Shark”) for sharing his journey….

And of course, don’t forget to download Alma Mobile from the Google Play Store for Android or from iTunes for iOS!

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