The Primo Open Discovery Framework: A Fresh Approach to Collaboration

Tweet Miri Botzer, Product Manager Discovery & Delivery, Ex Libris With a built-in affinity for sharing information, academic libraries are generally well-disposed to cross-institutional collaboration. As each library shares its own expertise and manpower, it can also draw on the strengths and knowledge of its peers. Library collaboration for expanding the availability of resources has a long and rich history. The first Roman emperor, Augustus, influenced provincial leaders to follow his lead and establish public […]

The Challenge of Data Sharing and the Promise of BIBFRAME

Tweet Shlomo Sanders, CTO, Ex Libris For years the library community has understood the value of interoperability and the sharing of bibliographic data. Sharing data saves money and can increase the quality of the data itself. Understanding this underlying value is inherent in the definition of a standard for describing bibliographic data, such as MARC 21 and associated encoding rules, and can be seen in other standards including z39.50 and ILL. MARC even goes so […]

The Primo Open Discovery Challenge: What Will You Build?

Tweet We are proud to introduce the first Primo Open Discovery Challenge! The Primo Open Discovery Framework is a new framework that allows customers with Angular and CSS knowledge to easily extend the Primo UI with new capabilities, develop additional functionality on top of the new Primo user interface, and connect Primo with external services. Customizations and extensions can also be shared with the Primo community, so other Primo users can leverage the power of the […]

ELUNA on our Minds… Highlights at ELUNA 2017

Tweet This week is the annual meeting of ELUNA, the Ex Libris Users of North America. ELUNA is a great place to see the power of the Ex Libris community in action. Some highlights of this year’s ELUNA include the different ways Ex Libris solutions are further opening the library to the larger ecosystem. Extending Your Library with the Alma Open PlatformWed. 3:45pm, Schaumburg E-FLearn about the latest developments in Alma APIs and integrations from Josh Weisman. Linked […]

Rosetta Team in the JHOVE Online Hack Day!

Tweet Adi Alter, Rosetta Product Manager, Ex Libris Many of you involved in digital preservation are familiar with JHOVE, the widely-used open source digital preservation tool used for digital files format identification, validation and characterization. Rosetta, the Ex Libris digital asset management and preservation solution, uses various tools and plug-ins to identify formats and extract technical metadata from them as part of its validation stack , and JHOVE plays a major role in this process. Metadata coming from JHOVE is […]

Streamlined Integration: Alma and OASIS

Tweet Yoel Kortick, Senior Librarian, Resource Management, Ex Libris As the world of knowledge becomes more complex, libraries need to connect with a wider ecosystem than ever before. The development of a new integration between Alma and OASIS promises to further streamline libraries’ connection with the environment. One of the hallmarks of Alma is its ability to easily integrate with other systems.  While this is often done through the use of APIs, from the perspective […]

Uncover More: Using Analytics to Improve Library Resource Management & Discovery

Tweet Scott Schuetze, Ex Libris One longstanding topic of great interest to librarians was explored in great detail across several sessions during the recent Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) 2017 Conference in Austin, Texas. Several speakers focused their presentations on how analytics are being used to improve acquisitions workflows, serve researchers better, and measure the impact of e-resource use. The concept of leveraging analytics within the library isn’t new. The development of the ANSI/NISO standard […]

Even Sharks Use Alma Mobile!

Tweet Tony Wai, Discovery Services & Systems Librarian at Macquarie University has been kind enough to allow us to publish his very creative submission for the Alma mobile competition. (Winners were announced last week.) For his submission, Tony wrote a personal letter to Alma Mobile: Dear Alma Mobile App, Welcome to the world! Uncle Macquarie has certainly had a lot of fun watching you grow over the last couple of months. I am sure Auntie Mines and Uncle […]

The Power of Collaboration: The Summon Community in Action

Tweet Scott Schuetze, Ex Libris Libraries around the world play an active role in driving the future of library services. Ex Libris leverages the power of its user community to accelerate innovation by promoting information sharing, encouraging feedback, soliciting ideas, and allocating resources for user-nominated features across its service offerings. This customer orientation has always been a focal point for Ex Libris, but over the past year it has gained greater exposure with the addition […]

The Library’s Buzz – Future of the Library & Combating Library Anxiety

Tweet Dani Guzman, Ex Libris Four of the items that caught our eye this month are about how the library of the future will operate based on some interesting trends we already see today. One thing that might not change so quickly – at least not at the academic world’s most venerated libraries – is the phenomenon called “Library Anxiety” and how librarians can help overcome it. (See our second-to-last item below.) No doubt anyone […]