Virtual Reality and the E-reader

Tweet Charlotte Schaefer, Leganto Customer Success Specialist, Ex Libris The limitations of the screen have long been a stumbling block for academic e-reading. As Chan Li has noted,* recursive reading is particularly difficult in the digital world. In a physical space, students lay out multiple sources, and shift their focus from one to the other. Comparing passages and flipping between materials or appendices is easily accomplished. Spatial memory plays a significant role in ease of use. […]

Reading Lists: The Future is Personal

Tweet Charlotte Schaefer, Leganto Customer Success Specialist, Ex Libris When speaking with futurists, you will hear many differing opinions about what’s coming next, but the word “personalized” is mentioned over and over again: Personalized medicine, personalized AI, personalized fashion. Keyboards that adapt to the way you type, cars that adapt to the way you travel, food that adapts to meet your specific nutritional need. And education is no exception. The “one laptop one child concept” has […]

Ex Libris at ALA in Chicago – Librarianship at Work

Tweet We are excited at the chance to see many of you at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. We would also like to congratulate Megan Ozeran, the winner of the 2017 LITA/Ex Libris Student Writing Award, and Robert Bremer, the recipient of the 2017 ALCTS Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award! What will you learn from Ex Libris at ALA? This year you can expect discussions on openness, unified resource management, and library data and analytics. […]

Rosetta Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary

Tweet Adi Alter, Director of Product Management, Rosetta This week we celebrated a very special occasion: the tenth anniversary of Rosetta’s development. To commemorate this event, here is a look back at the last ten years: This week we celebrated together with Rosetta users at the Eighth Annual Rosetta Advisory Group Meeting at the University of Sheffield. Rosetta users discussed major challenges facing digital preservation in the future and ways in which users are taking advantage […]

The Primo Open Discovery Framework: Examples from the Primo Community

Tweet Miri Botzer, Product Manager Discovery & Delivery, Ex Libris The Ex Libris team devoted careful consideration to the technology and design of the Primo Open Discovery Framework. As we have seen, the result is a customizable application in which essentially every element can be adapted to meet user needs while ensuring consistency and stable product upgrades. Primo customers have been quick to build on the Primo Open Discovery Framework, leveraging it to create novel […]

Looking Back at ELUNA 2017

Tweet ELUNA 2017 has passed, but the memories are still with us — and so are the presentations. The Ex Libris Knowledge Center, where you can find the answers to all your questions about Ex Libris solutions, is also where you can find all Ex Libris presentations from past conferences. So if you didn’t manage to make it to ELUNA this year, we’ve got you covered! You can find all Ex Libris presentations from ELUNA 2017 here. See […]

The Primo Open Discovery Framework: Selecting the Right Technology and Design

Tweet Miri Botzer, Product Manager Discovery & Delivery, Ex Libris In our last post, we explained how the Primo Open Discovery Framework allows manipulation of nearly every element in an application with the minimum possible effort while ensuring consistency and stable product upgrades. With that in mind, let’s review the considerations and criteria that guided us in selecting the technology behind the Primo Open Discovery Framework and what that means for developers. First, we looked for several […]

The Primo Open Discovery Framework: A Fresh Approach to Collaboration

Tweet Miri Botzer, Product Manager Discovery & Delivery, Ex Libris With a built-in affinity for sharing information, academic libraries are generally well-disposed to cross-institutional collaboration. As each library shares its own expertise and manpower, it can also draw on the strengths and knowledge of its peers. Library collaboration for expanding the availability of resources has a long and rich history. The first Roman emperor, Augustus, influenced provincial leaders to follow his lead and establish public […]

The Challenge of Data Sharing and the Promise of BIBFRAME

Tweet Shlomo Sanders, CTO, Ex Libris For years the library community has understood the value of interoperability and the sharing of bibliographic data. Sharing data saves money and can increase the quality of the data itself. Understanding this underlying value is inherent in the definition of a standard for describing bibliographic data, such as MARC 21 and associated encoding rules, and can be seen in other standards including z39.50 and ILL. MARC even goes so […]

The Primo Open Discovery Challenge: What Will You Build?

Tweet We are proud to introduce the first Primo Open Discovery Challenge! The Primo Open Discovery Framework is a new framework that allows customers with Angular and CSS knowledge to easily extend the Primo UI with new capabilities, develop additional functionality on top of the new Primo user interface, and connect Primo with external services. Customizations and extensions can also be shared with the Primo community, so other Primo users can leverage the power of the […]