Challenges to Integrated Research Management

Adi Alter and Eddie Neuwirth, Ex Libris The following is the first in a series of blog posts exploring the difficulties involved in research management and some possible solutions. Academia is both the incubator and the home of research. Needless to say, this is a truly complicated calling. The success of the research process is naturally dependent on the quality of the data available, its breadth and comprehensiveness, and the tools used to manage it. This […]

On or Off? Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Matthew Sherlock, Product Director, Ex Libris Mobile Campus Solutions Since mobile phones and devices stormed their way onto the market, there have been diametrically opposed opinions as to whether they should or should not be used in the classroom. Does having these devices in a teaching environment increase distraction or enhance discovery? As with many things in life, the answer is probably a mixture of both. Perhaps the question is less “Should phones be allowed […]

Let’s Get Personal – Mobile App Retention

Matthew Sherlock, Product Director, Ex Libris Mobile Campus Solutions You’ve worked hard on getting your campus app up and running, and your students have even started using it. That’s an important milestone, but your next challenge is to make sure that the app continues to be used – that it becomes the focal point for your students and a reliable and much-loved way for you to engage with your campus community. This may not be […]

Choose Your Own Discovery Adventure

Andrew French, Ex Libris Did you know that several customers in the Ex Libris community built their discovery systems from scratch? It’s true. For example, The University of South Australia decided to build their own discovery system—attached to Alma—and it’s live in production today. University of Wisconsin at Madison also built an open source discovery interface over Alma. This has provided their students with Linked Open Data records and accompanying URIs. At the same time, […]

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