The Library’s Buzz – Reflection and Diversification

Dani Guzman, Ex Libris

LibraryThis month’s buzz is about reflection and diversification. A veteran award-winning librarian and the Association of College and Research Libraries both provide us with lessons learned for improving our institutions going forward. This can include a reexamination of how we are using the physical space in our libraries, with some concrete suggestions presented in the Library Journal. As we learn from the past, we also consider the benefits of increasing diversification – both technological (with two articles on leveraging social media) and social (with a story on the role libraries can play in race relations).

Three lessons learned from ten years in academic librarianship

Aaron Tay, an academic librarian in Singapore who has won many awards in his field, sets out three broad guidelines he has drawn from his decade in the field. Focusing on keeping an open mind and commensurate humility, he reflects on how to stay ahead of the curve in academic librarianship. Learn from experience by reading the full article here >>>

ACRL releases The Library Assessment Cookbook

Another recently released resource for lessons learned from the field is The Library Assessment Cookbook, published by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). It “features 80 practical, easy-to-implement recipes” for assessing techniques and policies used in a wide array of libraries, using quality data and discussions of library value. Read more about the Cookbook here >>> 

Balancing Connections and Collections | Library Design

In Library Journal, Audrey Barbakoff tackles the issue of creating more physical space in modern libraries for people to study, collaborate and hold community events. The vast majority of libraries, she notes, are working to “reclaim” territory as part of a growing focus on the library patron’s experience. Click here to read about ways this is being done >>>

To Tweet or Not To Tweet — an Academic Question

Part of adapting the library to the information age in which we live is responding to social media developments. Dr. Ben Britton, a research engineer at Imperial College London, makes the case for academics using Twitter to improve their work, yet acknowledges that the effects are not immediately tangible. Join Dr. Britton as he mulls over the pros and cons here >>>

Instagram: Effective Use for Libraries

David Lee King, the Digital Services Director at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, thinks an active presence on Instagram is a clear net gain for libraries. He lays out his case in a series of succinct, clear slides (which accompanied one of his informative webinars). Click here to check it out >>>

Diversifying Libraries—One Student’s Project to Expand a School Library’s Collection

An 18-year-old student undertook a project “to increase the representation of Black, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, and disabled students” in children’s books available at her neighborhood elementary school. This initiative, dubbed “Diversify Libraries,” drew on the community to donate funds for the expansion and racial diversification of the library’s collection. Learn about the project directly from the young woman behind it here >>>

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