EDUCAUSE and Mobile Strategies for Higher Education

Tweet The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference begins this week in Philadelphia, and as one of the largest gatherings of higher education IT professionals in the world, it will be an occasion for the professionals who power the academic world to discuss their IT strategies going into 2018. Sessions at EDUCAUSE will include important conversations about how these strategies will impact and enable information security, student success, and the digital transformation of learning. Mobile technology will be a popular topic […]

Ex Libris Experts Talk: Christine Stohn on Big Data Analytics

Tweet In our new episode of Ex Libris Experts Talk, hear from Christine Stohn, Senior Product Manager of Discovery & Delivery, on the importance of big data analytics for the future of library discovery and how big data is already applied in Ex Libris discovery exploration services. Have a question for Christine? Send it to her here!   The post Ex Libris Experts Talk: Christine Stohn on Big Data Analytics appeared first on Ex Libris Initiatives. […]

The Library’s Buzz – Reflection and Diversification

Tweet Dani Guzman, Ex Libris This month’s buzz is about reflection and diversification. A veteran award-winning librarian and the Association of College and Research Libraries both provide us with lessons learned for improving our institutions going forward. This can include a reexamination of how we are using the physical space in our libraries, with some concrete suggestions presented in the Library Journal. As we learn from the past, we also consider the benefits of increasing […]

Ex Libris Experts Talk: Dave Hovenden on Building a Central Index and Knowledge Base

Tweet We are pleased announce our new series, “Ex Libris Experts Talk,” in which our experts will share their knowledge with the community. In the first “episode” of the series, gain insight from Dave Hovenden, Director of Content Operations at Ex Libris, regarding the finer aspects of creating a central index and knowledge base. Learn how the discovery and management of e-resources can provide value for library users, faculty members, and library staff. Dave also shares […]

Driving Transparency and Fair Use in Discovery: NISO’s Open Discovery Initiative

Tweet Rachel Kessler, Product Manager, PQIS ODI,  the NISO Open Discovery Initiative, is the industry’s forum to promote transparency and content neutrality in library discovery. Having worked at Ex Libris on data ingestion into our discovery system, I am quite aware that it can be difficult for libraries and content providers to determine which content is discoverable and how systems link to full text. While libraries are concerned with making sure that their users have […]

Using Open Source Discovery Layers with SaaS: Join the Discussion

Tweet Shelley Hostetler, Customer Success, Ex Libris As libraries move to better support researchers, there is a growing need to develop indexing and discovery of a wide range of research materials, often using locally developed interfaces. While customers have been using open source discovery with our solutions for years, the continuous, focused conversation on using open source discovery with Ex Libris SaaS began with a community meeting at DLF in 2016. We shared a Blacklight […]

The Mobile Buzz: Data Protection and the GDPR

Tweet Matthew Sherlock, Product Director – Campus Solutions, Ex Libris Next year will see a major change in how data protection is managed across Europe. It may be the biggest shake-up of the legislation since the 1995 Data Protection Directive, and has far reaching consequences for anyone involved in data management and technology. The world was a very different place 21 years ago when DPD came into force.  Bill Clinton was President, Toy Story was […]

Linked Library Data: It’s Happening

Tweet Shlomo Sanders, CTO, Ex Libris This article is an update of the March 2015 blog “Linked Library Data: Making It Happen.” Indeed, a lot has happened since then. One of the things that has not changed since then is that libraries still rely heavily on integrated systems for managing and delivering library services. These systems encompass a wide range of services and have multiple components empowered by a central catalog, whose records are still […]

The Primo Open Discovery Challenge: Announcing the Winners!

Tweet Last week at the IGeLU conference, which took place in beautiful Saint Petersburg, we announced the winners of the Primo Open Discovery Challenge. Thank you again to all the Primo customers who shared their Primo customization projects with the entire Primo community! Without further ado… here are the Winners! First prize: Lewis & Clark College Project: Primo Custom Actions Project lead: Nick Budak GitHub link: Library discovery interface: Custom links can be […]

A Deeper Look at Developing with campusM

Tweet By Payton Pietron, University of Montana In this blog post, Payton further describes her experience as a student developer of the UMontana app built with campusM. Payton Pietron was a significant team member involved in the success of the UMontana app launch and has recently joined the Ex Libris campusM team as a Solutions Architect.  This post can also be found on the campusM blog. As I have noted in a previous post, while enrolled at the University […]

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