The Power of Collaboration: The Summon Community in Action

Tweet Scott Schuetze, Ex Libris Libraries around the world play an active role in driving the future of library services. Ex Libris leverages the power of its user community to accelerate innovation by promoting information sharing, encouraging feedback, soliciting ideas, and allocating resources for user-nominated features across its service offerings. This customer orientation has always been a focal point for Ex Libris, but over the past year it has gained greater exposure with the addition […]

The Library’s Buzz – Future of the Library & Combating Library Anxiety

Tweet Dani Guzman, Ex Libris Four of the items that caught our eye this month are about how the library of the future will operate based on some interesting trends we already see today. One thing that might not change so quickly – at least not at the academic world’s most venerated libraries – is the phenomenon called “Library Anxiety” and how librarians can help overcome it. (See our second-to-last item below.) No doubt anyone […]

The Community and the New Primo UI: The Power of Smart Collaboration

Tweet Miri Botzer, Product Manager of Discovery and Delivery, Ex Libris Since rolling out the new Primo user interface a few months ago, we have seen nearly one hundred customers adopting it. Customers are increasingly switchingto the new UI to benefit from the fresh and intuitive design, one experience across all devices, and seamlessly embedded patron services. An additional benefit of the new UI comes from its flexible, extensible architecture, which we refer to as the […]

Alma Mobile Photo Competition – And the Winner Is…

Tweet Thanks again to our amazing Ex Libris community for sending us your photos using Alma Mobile on the go! Due to the amazing quality of the submissions it was a very hard decision to make, but eventually, the team of referees made up their minds. Here it is! First Prize Rachelle Anne Orodio with Alma Mobile Rachelle Anne Orodio Application Administrator, Information Systems Department Monash University Library Second Prize Stephanie Shepro with Alma Mobile Stephanie Shepro […]